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500ms to midnight: XZ / liblzma backdoor

Elastic Security Labs is releasing an initial analysis of the XZ Utility backdoor, including YARA rules, osquery, and KQL searches to identify potential compromises.

Accelerating Elastic detection tradecraft with LLMs

Learn more about how Elastic Security Labs has been focused on accelerating our detection engineering workflows by tapping into more generative AI capabilities.

Exploring the Future of Security with ChatGPT

Now that chatGPT is here, how will it shape the security industry? Here are ideas to illustrate ambitious applications of ChatGPT to improve detection, response, and understanding pulling together the new LLM provided by Openai and Elastics detection engine.

Handy Elastic Tools for the Enthusiastic Detection Engineer

Detection engineering is one of the most fun threat-centric opportunities at Elastic. Here is a sneak peek of some tools we use for all you enthusiastic detection engineers and cybersecurity researchers eager to get in the game!

Joining the Elastic Cluster

After almost a month away, I’m excited to start a new chapter as an Elastician! I haven’t traditionally been one to openly share, but time over the pandemic became a catalyst to grow and understand what the most important things in life were to me.

Playing with GPT3

Back in 2021, I played around with GPT-3. For historical purposes, here are the type of responses, just in case something better comes along in the future (cough cough chatgpt).